Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Fashion Show in the 70ies Exhibition Opening


Hi dear readers,

last thursday, me and my friend Nini ( and my mom went to the fashion show in the 70ies Exhibition Opening in our Stadtmuseum in munich.
Combined with their new exhibition about the special 70ies they also came up with a fashion show supported by the academie of fashion & art in munich.
Eventhough the 70ies are not everybody`s favourites, everyone was so excited to see the fashion show because actually no one really knew what would await us. Finally the models came in and started to walk through the room showing us so many adorable and colorful dresses. We really appreciated it!

After that, everybody decaided the evening with a drink, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere in the gorgeous lights.
Finally everybody got the chance to have a look at the new exhibition which included many wonderful dresses as well as pictures, hats, acessories and jewelry.


 It was an interesting and amazing night where we got so many impressions and reminders how our fashion looked 30 years ago.

xoxo Helena

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  1. Wow! love the interior, and the dress are cray!

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    xoxo, Mich