Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

Cheers to a new year!

Hi Everybody,

the old year has gone, the new year 2013 just began, a new year with 12 chapters and 365 new pages.
Let`s make the best out of it!
Although the first of January is basically just another day in our life like all the others too, many people are looking forward to "walk" into a new year, that`s why all the stuff like rockets, lucky clovers or crackers are sold out rapidly. There`s often even a kind of competition between the people in the supermarket, yes I think you can call it almost a race, trying to get the last new year essentials in order to celebrate traditionally into the new year.
And so did I with my friends, firstly we had a delicious dinner at home with my closest friends and after that we went to a party which was pretty good organised by some nice people from my school.
Quite a good beginning to celebrate and to party into the new year, so honestly it has to be a good one haha!
But why do people actually have such a big significance  to this day?

In my opinion, the new year`s eve is a symbolic occasion which gives us the oppurtunity to start new again, to move on, to give us new year`s resolutions(do you have any? :D), new hope and new expierences or simply to make up new aims and dreams.
I wish everyone an awesome year full of joy and happiness!

And as Oprah Winfrey says:

---> Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. 

xoxo Hel

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  1. Lovely written article, honey :* Look at what I wrote about our NYE hahaha almost in the same words^^ xx