Montag, 18. Februar 2013

Outfit of the day - black with a gold touch

 Hi Readers,

probably everyone knows the situation going to an event or an occassion but having no idea
what to wear, that happened to me as well, so I decided to go shopping in order to find a nice outfit.
But often when you`re really in hurry and need sth urgent, you can`t find anything.
Finally, spontaneous, I decided to wear my gold stuts - jacket which is always a good idea, as it pimps the rest of your outfit and doesn`t make it look boring or unspecial.
Here it is ;)



  1. Wow, der Cardigan ist wirklich der Hammer! Verrätst du mir wo du ihn gekauft hast?:)

    Lg Jasmin

  2. Dankeschön :) hab ich aus München aus einer Boutique in der Sendlingerstraße :)

    lg Helena