Samstag, 19. Januar 2013


Hi everyone,

the world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.
I`m really traveladdicted, as it gives you the chance to get to know different cultures, cities, towns, people, food, lifestlyle, fashion trends etc..
And so if you are too, I have the perfect give-away present for you!

The brandnew Berlin city guide, published by Ligastudios is out now! 


Ligastudios is an amazing trendmagazine which reports about fashion, lifestyle, culture, people and design.
Simply the perfect mix! (:
Especially their sense for beautiful things and their keen sense of interesting topics as well as for their high-class design makes them unique and popular especially by the bloggers.
Now they published the brand new" Berlin Inspires" city guide by LIGANOVA which is really useful, as everyone knows the situation being in a city but don`t know where to go, to shop or to eat. This problem is now solved, this guide will give you many awesome insider tipps. :)

"Rechtzeitig zum Beginn der Berliner Fashion Week lanciert LIGANOVA in Kooperation mit dem Berliner Magazin “Traffic News to-go” die neueste Ausgabe von „BERLIN INSPIRES“ als Pocket Guide und App. Auch in dieser Ausgabe gibt es wieder von lokalen Szene-Insidern aus den Bereichen Fashion, Design, Film, Musik & Medien persönliche Empfehlungen und Insights zu den schönsten Winterlocations Berlins."

For all the ones who are interested in owning this "Berlin Inspires" guide, you simply have to:
- Follow my blog or share it on your own blog
- write me an e-mail ( about your best trip so far

I`ll anwser everyone of you personally and choose the two best reports of you.
Good Luck!

xoxo Helena

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